Our student leaders


At Nailsworth Primary School the Student Representative Council (SRC) are a group of students elected by their peers to represent all students within our school. The SRC gives all students from F-6 a voice and provides opportunities to share ideas, tackle challenges and create change. Student agency is about empowering students to be active agents in their own learning and be part of the decision-making process.  

An SRC rep is elected for 1 semester. Each class from Years 1-6 can elect 2 class representatives, 1 male and 1 female. Class teachers may ask students, who would like to self-nominate, to present a short speech to their class or another form of presentation to talk about why they would make a great SRC rep.    

SRC roles and responsibilities: 

  • Be the voice of the school by actively listening to student, class and community issues 
  • Lead class meetings and report back to SRC 
  • Involvement in creative recess and lunchtime programs to engage students  
  • Giving up own time to benefit the broader school community  
  • Planning, organisation and running of school events in collaboration with teachers  
  • Working together, decision-making and prioritising ideas and suggestions